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To see your Account Details, go to SETTINGS then ACCOUNT DETAILS. The page allows each user on your account to update their individual settings. The more information provided here, the better we will be able to support you.

The Company Name is the only required field. Filling in the rest of the fields allows ShippingEasy to provide you with better support.

1 Company Name Used to identify your ShippingEasy account.
Used within Purchase Orders as your 'business name'. Learn more about Inventory Management.
2 Email Email of the account's user
3 Phone

Phone number of the account's user.

Must have a phone number listed to receive rate quotes from specific carriers.

4 Address Address of the account's user
5 Apt/Suite Apt/Suite of the account's user
6 City City of the account's user
7 State/Province State/Province of the account's user
8 Postal Code Postal Code of the account's user
9 Time Zone Used to ensure the accuracy of the shipment dates on your labels so please be sure to select the correct timezone of your main warehouse.



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