What are the character limits for USPS labels?

To ensure all of the information you need gets printed on your label, make sure you understand the character limits for each carrier's label. 

Ship From:

Field Maximum character count
Name (First and Last combined) 46
Company name 46
Address line 1 46
Address line 2 46
City 50
State 50


Ship To (Domestic):

Field Maximum character count
Name (First and Last combined) 47
Company name 47
Address line 1
Address line 2
Format w/ order number 44
Format w/ other label option Learn how to customize label. 42
City 50
State 50
SKU (on List Order Items labels) 100
* NOTE: The 'Order Number' label option is the default label option and the 'List Order Items (SKU)', 'List Order Items (Item Name)', and 'Carrier Note' are the non-default label options. Learn more.

Ship To (International):

Field Maximum character count
Name (First and Last combined) 34
Company name 34
Address line 1  PS Form 2976 47
PS Form 2976-A
PS Form 2976-B
Address line 2  PS Form 2976 47
PS Form 2976-A
PS Form 2976-B 
City 27
Province 27
Product description on customs form * 50
SKU (on USPS shipment labels generated by Stamps.com) 20
Hong Kong: Name and Company Name (combined) 34
* NOTE: in the case of longer descriptions, the information may appear truncated. However, as long as character count is within max limits, USPS is receiving the full product description.


Keep in mind that not all characters have the same "width". There are instances where the to/from address is cut off, even though the address fits within the character requirements. In these instances, please cancel the label, and repurchase it. When you repurchase, make sure to abbreviate the field wherever possible.

If you are having trouble meeting the character requirements, we recommend you abbreviate where possible. Here are some suggested abbreviations:

N North Rd Road
S South St Street
E East Ct Court
W West Ln Lane


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