What does my DHL GM Driver's Manifest Shipment Summary include?

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1. Soldto # DHL account number.  DHL will provide this number during account set up.
2. Pickup # Identifies the pickup location.  DHL will provide this number during account set up.
3. Customer Your name and address information, as stored with
4. Date / Time Noted in UTC time.
5. Processing Facility Address where the shipments will be processed. 
6. BOL # Bill of Lading.
7. Shipment Summary Details service selected, quantity of packages included, and weight of total shipment. 
8. To be completed by driver if empty Container ID, Container Type, Scan on Pickup, Total Containers
9. Shipper Signature & Date and Driver Signature & Date Sign and date the bottom of the form before the driver picks up your packages.


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