How to: Install the ShippingEasy integration for QuickBooks Desktop

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Installing the support for our QuickBooks Desktop integration is easy.

First you will need to add QuickBooks to your ShippingEasy subscription. Learn more.

Then you are ready to install the ShippingEasy integration for QuickBooks Desktop.

NOTE: be sure to install the integration on the system that has QuickBooks desktop installed.
  1. In the SETTINGS tab, click on the QUICKBOOKS section. 

  2. Click the Download for Windows button.

  3. Click the Save File button.

  4. After the installer downloads, open the program.  The exact location will vary depending on your browser - the example shown here is for the Chrome browser running on Windows.

    If the browser does not display the file after downloading it, look in the "Downloads" folder on your computer.

  5. Click the Run button when prompted.

  6. Enter the required data fields to register.  
    IMPORTANT: use the same email address as you use to login to your ShippingEasy account. If you have multiple ShippingEasy user logins, use the email that matches the owner/primary user.
    Then click OK to continue.

  7. The welcome screen is displayed.

That's it!  The installation is complete. To start importing data into QuickBooks, learn how to provide ShippingEasy access to your QuickBooks data

TIP: to restart the ShippingEasy QuickBooks integration program, double-click the shortcut for it on your Windows desktop.


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