Edit Notes for Unshipped Orders | How To

If you would like to edit the notes on an order after syncing into ShippingEasy, you can quickly update the notes from the ORDERS page before processing the shipment. ShippingEasy allows for 3 types of notes to be added to orders: internal, gift and customer.

Internal notes do not display anywhere outside of ShippingEasy and are meant to help organize your shipping process. Learn more about internal order notes.

Gift and customer notes can be pulled in from your store and edited in ShippingEasy or they can be added in ShippingEasy after your order have synced.

  1. Click the order line for the order you want to edit notes for.
  2. Click Edit Order link on the bottom left of the Order Details box.
  3. Add or edit the gift or customer notes.
    Gift and customer notes can be included on Packing slips and Shipment Confirmation emails. Internal order notes will not appear outside of ShippingEasy.
  4. Click Update.
  5. You can review these notes in the Order Details box once you have updated them




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