How to: Integrate SolidCommerce with ShippingEasy

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It's easy to integrate your SolidCommerce account with ShippingEasy!

  1. When registering your ShippingEasy account, you will be immediately prompted for your SolidCommerce credentials after selecting SolidCommerce from the Platform menu. Skip to Step 5 to learn how to locate your credentials.
  2. In the SETTINGS tab, click on the STORES section. 

  3. Once there, click on the the + Add New button on the side of the screen.

    Add New.png

  4. Select Solid Commerce from the Platform drop down.
  5. You need the Web Services Key from your Solid Commerce account:

  6. Open another browser window and login to your Solid Commerce account.
  7. Under the MARKETPLACES menu, click the entry for MARKETPLACES SETUP:

  8. Click the WEB SERVICES tab:

  9. Copy the Solid Commerce Web Services Key:

  10. Paste the key into ShippingEasy and then click the Save button.  You're done!

And that's it!

If you run into any problems, feel free to reach out to our Support Team.  

  • New accounts still in the registration process will see a link with our email address listed under the integration video.
  • Paid subscribers, who have already set up their ShippingEasy account, will see links to email, call, or chat on the blue navigation menu in app.  
  • Anyone can post questions in our Community forum and our team will be happy to assist.

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