What is the cheapest way to ship clothes?

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Finding the least expensive option for shipping clothes gives you the peace of mind that you’re not overspending on shipping.

Generally, the rule of thumb for shipping lightweight clothing items is based entirely on weight. When shipping clothes you have a few options and considerations. The biggest advantage of shipping clothes is that orders are typically light and not fragile.

If your usual package is light, weighing under 15.9 ounces:

It qualifies for the USPS First Class Package Service which is the cheapest shipping option for light-weight packages that includes tracking. As clothing typically is not fragile, poly mailers become an inexpensive option for containing the clothes, usually costing pennies per pouch if you buy them in bulk.

Just keep in mind that USPS First Class Package Service doesn't include any insurance coverage. So, if your clothing is difficult to replace, consider Priority Mail or adding insurance.

When your package passes the 1 pound mark, it is time to consider other low cost options:

Priority Mail will be the next most cost effective option for shipping your heavier clothes ordes. Better yet, there are a variety of services available:

Flat Rate Envelope and Padded Flat Rate Envelope:

These envelopes are free from USPS. If you can stuff your clothes inside the envelope and close it, then it will ship at the same postage rate regardless of its weight or travel distance. Also, as a ShippingEasy subscriber, you can get discounts on every Flat Rate shipment.

Regional Rate:

These boxes are only available online from the USPS. If your order is not going far, this is a cheap option that can cost less than Flat Rate and regular Priority Mail from USPS. Read our page on Regional Rate Boxes to learn more about how they work.

Weight-based rates:

Priority Mail is based on your package's weight and how far it’s going. This can be a cheaper option than most, but will often lose to Flat Rate services if it has to travel far and Regional Rate services if it’s very heavy.

Postage costs will naturally increase as the weight and volume of your clothing shipment goes up. Pick the best service based on your shipment’s weight and destination.


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