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1. Print To

Output format, PDF vs printed directly to the printer, can be set for each carrier label and individual document types:

  • Domestic Labels: individual carrier selections
  • International Labels & Customs Forms
  • Packing Slip
  • Pick List
2. PDF (Print a PDF from your browser) Opt to view any type of printed labels or documents in PDF file first or unselect what you don't need.
3. Add Printer Add and configure your printers with ConnectEasy. Learn more about ConnectEasy.

When a document has no output option selected, any requests within the application to print the document type will result in no action; the PDF will not open and the document will not print. It is recommended to check the PDF option whenever a specific printer is not assigned.

ConntectEasy Status

Once printer configurations have been established, the real-time status of all configured printers will be displayed on the settings page. The ConnectEasy client program providing connectivity to the configured printer will have a green check next to it:

ShippingEasy will also display a printer icon at the top of every page in the app indicating the status of ConnectEasy.


  • A green printer will display if all configured ConnectEasy client programs are available.
  • A yellow printer will display if some ConnectEasy client programs are available and others are not.
  • A red printer will display if none of the configured ConnectEasy client programs are available.


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