Set Paper Size Defaults in ConnectEasy (Mac) | How To

If you use a Mac, and you're experiencing problems with the quality or size of your labels printed via ConnectEasy, we recommend that you verify your Label settings first, and then set paper size defaults within the ConnectEasy application.

This option is only available on ConnectEasy v4.5.5 or later.  Find out which version you're running.

Verify Label settings

If your label settings in ShippingEasy do not match the label size/format your printer is using, it can cause your labels to print small or irregular. Click here to learn how to verify your label settings.

Set paper size defaults in ConnectEasy

If you still experience problems with the quality or size of your labels after verifying your label settings, it may be necessary to set paper size defaults using the steps below.

  1. From your computer, open ConnectEasy.
    • If it is running, you will see the icon in the Menu bar at the top right of your screen.


    • If it is disconnected, it will look like this.


    Click either icon and choose Open ConnectEasy.


  2. Inside the ConnectEasy app, click on the Printers tab. This will display a list of printers that are recognized by ConnectEasy.
  3. To the right of each printer are columns for Page Width and Height dimensions. Click in each cell to enter a specific dimension. The changes will save automatically.
    Both width and height fields must contain a value, for any dimensions to apply.
  4. Return to ShippingEasy and try printing your document again. If results are not improved, please browse the related links below.


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