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I am trying to print but nothing comes out. How can I fix this?

If you notice that ShippingEasy says it is sending a print job to your printer, but you are not receiving any print outs from your printer, it is possible your printer queue is paused/halted or the ConnectEasy application has become unresponsive and/or needs to be restarted. You may need to clear your printer queue, or quit and restart ConnectEasy. 

For a more specific list of steps for your computer type, see below: 

  • To view and clear your printer queue: open Devices and Printers, locate and right-click on your printer, and select See what’s printing from the pop-up menu. Right-click any listed print jobs and choose to restart or cancel. Learn more here.
  • To restart ConnectEasy: open the Task Manager and view currently running applications. If ConnectEasy is running, end the task.
  • To view and clear your printer queue: open the Printers & Scanners system preference, select your printer in the list and choose Open Print Queue. Select a print job(s) and use the pause button to restart, or the X to cancel. Learn more here.
  • To restart ConnectEasy: Look in the Menu bar at the top right of your screen. If ConnectEasy is running, you will see an icon that looks like this:


    If it is disconnected, it will look like this:


    Click either icon and choose "Quit" from the drop down menu.

    To restart, double click ConnectEasy in the Applications folder, or search for ConnectEasy using the Apple Spotlight tool. Wait 1-2 minutes and see if any prints start coming out on their own before testing a new label.

    Learn more about reconnecting ConnectEasy here.

If this does not work, you may want to verify that you are running the most recent version of ConnectEasy

If ConnectEasy has never worked for you, it is possible that upon installing ConnectEasy, you did not completely finish the installation.

  1. Search your computer for ConnectEasy and open it.
  2. If you did not enter the credentials upon installation, you should be prompted. These can be retrieved from ShippingEasy by navigating to SETTINGS >> CONNECTEASY. Learn more.
  3. If you still are not prompted after opening ConnectEasy, you may want to try reinstalling. Learn how for Windows and Mac.

I receive an error about my Identifier or Passphrase when I'm trying to sign in. What do I do?

If you are trying to sign-in to ConnectEasy, and receive an error regarding either the ConnectEasy Identifier or PassPhrase, try the following steps:

  1. Try again, making sure you are copying the full term and haven't added any extra spaces before or after. 
  2. Try copying the credentials from ShippingEasy, and pasting into a document on your computer, then copy from the document and paste into the ConnectEasy sign-in window. 
  3. If you are certain you are entering the credentials properly and still have issues, you can reach out to us via the forums or, if you have a plan type with dedicated support, reach out to us directly so that we can assist further. 

Learn more about locating your login credentials.

My scale is not showing up in ShippingEasy. What do I do?

If your scale is not showing up in the ShippingEasy SCALES page (SETTINGS >> SCALES), the following articles and troubleshooting tips may be helpful: 

  1. Check that your scale model is supported.  Learn more.
  2. Confirm that ConnectEasy has been enabled to integrate a scale.  Open the ConnectEasy app.  Select the Scales tab and check the Enable Scales box.  If you do not see this option:
    • Confirm that you are running the most recent version of ConnectEasy. Learn more.
    • Power-cycle the scale by shutting it off and then turning it back on again.
  3. Verify if the scale's driver is compatible with ConnectEasy. ConnectEasy should connect with all HID-compliant drivers. If a scale was previously connected to any other service or you used our Java applet, it may not connect to ConnectEasy.

How can I tell if my scale's driver is incompatible with ConnectEasy? 

ConnectEasy should connect with all HID-compliant drivers. If a scale was previously connected to any other service or you used our Java applet, it may not connect to ConnectEasy.

When a scale is not HID-compliant, it means that only one software can make a connection to read directly from a scale. Once a third-party native driver is installed for a device, it has to be uninstalled before another system can read the scale.

ConnectEasy will only recognize scales devices which present themselves as HID-compliant devices, which is the spec USB weighing scales follow.

This is what the Properties of a bad driver looks like:

  1. To fix, uninstall the driver (For Windows: Control Panel >> Hardware and Devices >> Properties >> Driver >> Uninstall).

  2. Then disconnect and reconnect the scale to the computer. A standards-compliant driver built into Windows should be automatically installed. Check this by going back to the hardware tab and looking for the HID driver. It will look like this:

    ConnectEasy for the scale should begin working again. You won't even need to restart the client. 
    NOTE: The software which installed the driver the first time will no longer be able to read the scale.

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