How to use ShippingEasy with eBay Global Shipping

What address will ShippingEasy display for my eBay Global Shipping orders?

On both the order and the packing slip, eBay's Global Shipper warehouse's address will be listed as the shipping address. The final destination (the international address) will be listed as the billing address. 

Are these orders treated as domestic or international shipments?

Although the orders will ultimately be shipped internationally, these orders will be treated as domestic shipments as they are first going to eBay's domestic warehouses.

NOTE: If you had any rules set up to siphon your international orders prior to using eBay Global Shipping within ShippingEasy, those rules will no longer work.  

How will ShippingEasy update these orders in my eBay store?

When updating your eBay Global Shipping orders, ShippingEasy will update your store with the domestic tracking number. After this, eBay is prompted to generate a global tracking number which they will supply to you. 

Does ShippingEasy send confirmation emails for these orders?

No. Due to the nature of eBay Global Shipping and the processes involved, ShippingEasy will not send shipping confirmation emails for those orders.

Can I generate a return label for these orders?

No. As ShippingEasy is a U.S. based company and only allows domestic shipments, we do not currently allow returns from international addresses. As eBay Global Shipping orders are international orders we have removed the ability to create return labels from SHIPMENT HISTORY. 

How do I go about using ShippingEasy to ship my eBay Global Shipping orders?

The process for shipping these orders is similar to creating a normal domestic shipment. However, we have created a more specific article to eBay's Global Shipping program in relation to ShippingEasy, with visuals, explaining how to create labels for these orders. Learn more here.  

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