How to: Delay the shipment notification sent to my store

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To help you plan ahead, USPS allows you the convenience of post-dating a shipping label. For example, you can print a shipping label on a Tuesday that has a postmark with that Thursday's date. By default, ShippingEasy will notify your store on Tuesday about the shipment for the order.

For integrated stores, you can delay the notification of the shipment until the actual ship date. You can do this by selecting a time of day when you want ShippingEasy to send the notifications to the store.

NOTE: Fedex and UPS labels do not have dates. Learn more.
  1. To enable this feature, navigate to SETTINGS and select STORES & ORDERS.


  2. Once there, click Edit store settings for the store you want to change. 


  3. In the "Communication" section, select a time for Send Notice for post-dated labels:

    NOTE: Your time zone setting from SETTINGS > ACCOUNT DETAILS is used with the selected time. This setting is not available for Manual order or CSV order stores.
  4. Click Save and you're done.

For post-dated shipments, ShippingEasy will send store notifications on the date of the shipment at the time you selected.


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