How can I find the PayPal invoice identifier that ShippingEasy needs to query the API?

If you have an escalated ticket with our Customer Success team around PayPal orders not syncing, you may be asked to provide ShippingEasy a unique invoice identifier in order to query the PayPal API.

The invoice identifiers that a shippers sees on their PayPal interface are not the identifiers that ShippingEasy can use to lookup the invoices through the API.  

For example, you may see something like 1249A and ShippingEasy needs INV2-P8TP-5QME-WAKU-NG74.

The following steps will help you find the invoice identifier required to further your escalated ticket:

  1. Switch to the new PayPal interface. 

  2. Choose Invoicing.

  3. Find the invoice in question (1249A), and get the info parameter of the URL to view the invoice.  

    TIP: in chrome, select F12 on your keyboard to see the Elements dialog.

  4. Take the info parameter from the URL and paste it into this URL Decoder.

  5. Select Decode to get the invoice identifier that can be used to query the PayPal API.

  6. Provide this invoice identifier to your ShippingEasy Customer Success Advisor and our team will be able to continue troubleshooting your escalated ticket.



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