Error Uploading CSV File to ShippingEasy | Troubleshoot

Before getting started:

Be sure you have the correct data set to troubleshoot. To download the original CSV file, go to the REPORTS >> UPLOADS page and click the name of the CSV to download it.

Sometimes errors can occur when importing a CSV file into ShippingEasy. There are a few reasons why this may happen:

The spreadsheet you have uploaded is not in .CSV format

To solve this issue, you must re-save your spreadsheet in a format that we can accept - a CSV file.

To change the extension on your file in Excel for WINDOWS:
  • If you use Excel, and you want to change the format on a case-by-case basis, please see this article from Microsoft Office.
  • If you use Excel, you can also change the default file type by viewing this article by Microsoft Office.
To change the extension on your file in Excel for MAC:
  • Open the file you want to save
  • On the File menu, click Save As.
  • In the Save As box, type a name for the file.
  • On the Format pop-up menu, make sure either comma-separated (.csv) option is selected (there should be an option for Windows and DOS).
  • Click Save.

The spreadsheet is saved using incorrect "Field options"

When saving CSV files, you are presented with a number of "Field options", which determines how the data is stored:

  • Character set: how the characters are encoded
  • Field delimiter: how the fields are separated
  • Text delimiter: how the field contents of the field are denoted
We recommend setting the Field options as follows:
  • Character set: Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Field delimiter: , (comma)
  • Text delimiter: ' (apostrophe)

If you are not presented with the option to set the Field options when saving your file, try saving it as an XLS or ODS format first. Then save the spreadsheet again as a CSV file.

The spreadsheet is hiding columns or rows

Sometimes columns or rows can get hidden on accident or we forget to unhide them. This can cause some issues when uploading a CSV as the information is technically there. If you have hidden data, unhide everything on the spreadsheet and delete unneeded content.

Instructions for WINDOWS:
Instructions for MAC:

Open Excel and go to Format > Sheet > Unhide. This will reveal everything on the page.

The spreadsheet or title may contain foreign or random characters

Sometimes the customers we ship to, especially foreign customers, will enter characters in their order that do not meet the upload requirements. For instance, anything in Chinese characters will not be accepted nor will any punctuation such as exclamation points or question marks.

Additionally, the title of the .CSV may be what is causing the issue. Try to keep the title as simple as possible with no special characters.

One or more column headers are blank

If a column header is blank, all of the columns that contain data but do not have a header will map to that column. To avoid this, make sure any columns that contain data also have a header.

What is a blank header?

CSV forms with a "blank" header means that the file has data in a row with no header.

Here is an example of a CSV that has data in a row with no header in Column I:

Each line that has data MUST have a header in the first row of the column in order to complete the upload in ShippingEasy.

Symptoms in ShippingEasy

  • When uploading the file to ShippingEasy, on review of the upload and "Complete Upload", the rows will show in yellow but they will have no "!" that points to what's incorrect.
  • you will not be able to select to "complete upload"


How to fix blank headers in a CSV file
  1. Open the original CSV file
  2. Update the file. There are 2 options for updating the file:
    1. Remove any columns with no header to opt to omit the data from the upload.
    2. Add missing headers
  3. Re-upload the updated file to ShippingEasy
  4. Once the file is re-uploaded with no missing headers, you will be able to view the "!" and specific errors to be able to complete the upload.


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