What is the cheapest shipping option?

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The cheapest shipping options will depend on whether you are shipping a letter or package as well as what service you choose to use.


First Class Mail:

  • The cheapest shipping option for letters that weigh under 1oz is a First Class Postage Stamp from USPS which costs $0.49.
  • For packages between 1oz-13oz, First Class Mail is the cheapest option. This service is also designed for letters and documents.

First Class Packages:

  • If you purchase postage at the Post Office and your package weighs 13 oz or under, First Class Packages is the cheapest option that includes tracking.
  • If you are using an online shipping solution with access to Commercial pricing (CBP OR CPP), the weight limit is raised to 15.999 oz.

After passing the 13oz threshold, the cheapest shipping option can vary based on package weight, dimensions, and delivery speed, and item type.

USPS Priority Mail

  • One of the cheapest options for heavier packages that do not need to be delivered quickly is USPS Priority Mail.

Commercial rates:


UPS SurePost is an economical choice for heavier packages being shipped domestically.


FedEx SmartPost is an efficient and cost-effective way of shipping light-weight packages to nearly the entirety of the United States territories.


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