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How does it work?

ShippingEasy will automatically pulls orders from your Amazon account into your ShippingEasy account.  These orders are initially displayed on the ORDERS Page in the ShippingEasy app.  Once your orders have been processed, ShippingEasy will update the orders in your Amazon store.

What versions of Amazon are supported?

The ShippingEasy API with Amazon supports "Professional" Amazon Seller Accounts for USA (.com) and Canada (.ca) stores.

How do I integrate Amazon with ShippingEasy? 

Integration is easy!  We walk you through it in our step by step integration guides:

How often are my orders synced?

By default, orders are automatically synced hourly.  You may choose to disable automatic order downloads.  Learn more about disabling automatic downloads.

Are all orders sent from my Amazon account to ShippingEasy?

No, only unshipped orders in the following statuses will sync:

  • Awaiting payment
  • Awaiting fulfillment

What happens if I click the Sync with Store link on the ShippingEasy ORDERS page?

If you have automatic order downloads enabled (the default configuration), clicking Sync with Store will prompt ShippingEasy to pull your orders in sooner than the regular hourly sync.  However, Amazon does "throttle" or limit the number of requests that can be made from a store in a specific time period.  So, it can still take 20 minutes for your orders to populate.  Learn more about throttling.

If you have disabled automatic order downloads, clicking Sync with Store will prompt ShippingEasy to download any order that hasn't synced since the last time you manually downloaded your orders.

How do I get existing Amazon orders sent to my new ShippingEasy account?

Upon initial integration ShippingEasy will sync orders, currently in a status that syncs, from the last 14 days. 

Orders older than 14 days old will not automatically download after integration.  

  • If your plan comes with dedicated support, you can reach out to our support team via the email, chat, or phone icons on the blue navigation bar in app.  Please tell us the date of the oldest unshipped order that you need to download.
  • If your plan does not include dedicated support (you do not see links to support on the blue navigation menu), then we recommend creating manual orders for your missing orders.  Learn more about creating manual orders.

If I cancel an order in Amazon, will it automatically be cleared in ShippingEasy?

Yes, if an order is cancelled in Amazon, it will be cleared from ShippingEasy.

Why are my orders not downloading from Amazon?

  • Order status: make sure your orders are in status that syncs.  More information in the FAQs above.
  • Order date: check to see if the orders were placed before you integrated. More information in the FAQs above.
  • Order information: review the order to see if any information is missing, such as the country.
  • Store connection: confirm that your store is connected with ShippingEasy. We'll post an ALERT in the top right corner of the app, but you can also check by going to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS.

How are order status values mapped from Amazon to ShippingEasy?

Amazon Status ShippingEasy Status
Awaiting payment Awaiting Payment
Awaiting fulfillment Awaiting Fulfillment

Are product SKUs displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes, ShippingEasy shows the "Merchant SKU" from Amazon.

Are product weights displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes. Amazon assigns each product in its database with a unique ASIN. If the weight for that product differs between sellers on Amazon, Amazon uses an average of the weights assigned for that product. ShippingEasy pulls in weight information based on the ASIN and how Amazon has it assigned. 

Are product options displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes, attributes such as color and size will be displayed in ShippingEasy, if assigned to your products in Amazon.

Are warehouse locations displayed in ShippingEasy?

No, though we're interested to know how important this feature is to our Amazon customers.  Please leave your feedback in our Feature Request forum. Learn more about sharing your feedback with ShippingEasy.

Are condition notes synced with my orders?

Yes.  These can be viewed in a column on the ORDERS page - learn more - or mapped to your packing slips - learn more.

What information is sent back from ShippingEasy to Amazon?

When a label is purchased, ShippingEasy updates your Amazon store with a Shipped status, as well as the ship date, carrier and tracking number.  This information is sent at 20 minute intervals.  Learn more about throttling.

If I update an unshipped order in Amazon, will the changes update in ShippingEasy?

Yes, changes to the status and recipients data will update to ShippingEasy.  Learn more.

If I ship an Amazon order outside of ShippingEasy, what's the best way to remove it from ShippingEasy? 

In most cases, ShippingEasy will automatically remove shipped orders that are still present on the ORDERS page. However, if you have Amazon orders that you do not intend to ship via ShippingEasy, we recommend manually clearing them from ShippingEasy. Learn more about deleting orders.

While ShippingEasy provides the option to mark your orders as shipped (which allows you to retain a record in your Shipment History) we advise that you use this tool with caution for your Amazon shipments.  Amazon has stringent guidelines around when an order must be shipped.  If you mark an order as shipped in ShippingEasy after the deadline, when ShippingEasy updates Amazon that the order was shipped and it may look to Amazon that you have shipped your order late.

If an item in an order gets canceled, what happens to the order in ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy can recognize if an Amazon order line item has been cancelled. When ShippingEasy identifies a cancelled line item, that line item is removed from the order in ShippingEasy.

Line item updates are made when ShippingEasy syncs with your Amazon store.

If I create a duplicate shipment from shipment history in ShippingEasy, will the tracking number update on Amazon?

No, Amazon restricts updating an order that has already been updated to Shipped.

If I combine two orders in ShippingEasy, do both orders get updated in Amazon?

Yes. If you combine Amazon orders in ShippingEasy with one "Combine" action, the orders will be updated with the tracking information and a Shipped status when you ship the combined order.

ALERT:  we have identified a bug which affects Amazon orders that are combined more than once.  We recommend combining all of the necessary orders in one "Combine" action to allow all of the orders to be marked as shipped. When Amazon orders are combined in multiple actions then shipped, ShippingEasy does not currently update the orders as shipped. Our developers are across this issue. 

If I split an order in ShippingEasy, will ShippingEasy update both tracking numbers to Amazon?

No, unfortunately the Amazon API cannot detect if some of the items within an order have been shipped. Once a shipment for the order has been processed, regardless of whether all of the orders products have been shipped, Amazon will update the order within your store as Shipped.

Will ShippingEasy send email notifications to my Amazon customers when their orders ship?

No, these emails are automated by Amazon instead. Once the order has been updated and marked as shipped in Amazon, Amazon's Merchant Services automatically sends out customers' buyers Shipment Confirmation emails. There is no way to turn on this feature in Amazon, and therefore their Merchant Services has asked that SE remove this option to avoid multiple emails being sent to buyers.

How do I process returns for Amazon shipments?

Since Amazon does not allow ShippingEasy to directly email Amazon customers, we're unable to automatically email return labels to your Amazon customers.  We recommend either emailing the label to your customer directly or uploading the label to Amazon.  Learn more information about sending return labels to Amazon customers.

If I process shipments late in the day, how do I work around Amazon's requirement to ship out packages the same day postage is purchased?

Take a look at our handy tips for complying with Amazon's policy for post-dated labels.

If I enable Amazon Custom on my Amazon account will the custom order information be displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes, customizations will be displayed in ShippingEasy, if included on your Amazon orders. The customization options will be added to the item name shown on the ShippingEasy Orders page, Packing Slip and Pick List. Learn more about enabling Amazon Custom in Amazon.


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