Why do I have the option to Append Product Options in two places within QuickBooks Desktop?

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NOTE: This article pertains to ShippingEasy’s QuickBooks integration software and is useful if you installed ShippingEasy's QuickBooks software before July 26, 2017.
Starting July 26, 2017, new QuickBooks integrations with ShippingEasy will be provided by our partner Webgility via their Unify software. To integrate QuickBooks with your ShippingEasy account, please provide your information to Webgility here and they’ll call you directly.

Some customers who use our Quickbooks integration already have their products defined in Quickbooks, so they do not want ShippingEasy to auto-create these products. 

ShippingEasy has two separate settings to handle these situations: One in Configure Transaction Data and the other in Configure Products.
The reason you see this option in two places is because the product options (like size, color, flavors) appear on both Items and Transactions.
  • Within Configure Products, the option to Append Product Options determines if you want ShippingEasy to add the product options we've pulled in from your store when creating Items.

  • Within the Configure Transaction Data, this option determines if you want ShippingEasy to include and/or edit the product options we've pulled in from your store when creating Transactions.
If your Items on QuickBooks always match your Items in your store, you may not need us to append on the Transaction, but it's helpful to reduce the amount of work needed to keep them in sync.

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