Troubleshoot: Error connecting UPS account

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We recommend referencing an electronic UPS invoice when connecting your UPS account with ShippingEasy.  As the most common cause of an error during integration results from mismatched information, the electronic invoice insures you have the most accurate information available. Learn more about downloading your UPS invoice and enrolling in paperless invoicing with UPS.

When you receive an error due to mismatched information, the fields to amend will be shown in red.

Please ensure the details entered match exactly what is on your UPS account.  Here are the most common pitfalls:

  • Invoice Number: if UPS returns an error message "Invoice number is required", contact UPS for this information: 1-800-742-5877.
  • Invoice Amount: exclude the '$' sign and any commas.  Only enter the numeric value. Ex: 23.97 or 1009.27
  • Control ID: required if present on your invoice.  Learn where to find the Control ID.
  • Postal Code: only enter the first five digits of your billing zip code. Ex: 90210
  • Phone Number: exclude punctuation.  Only enter the numerical digits.  Ex: 5555555555 

Finally, proceed with caution when connecting your UPS account. If you have three failed connection attempts, your UPS account will be locked out for a 24 hour period.


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