How do I know which address will be printed on my packing slips?

The address used to populate your shipping materials pull from different places within your ShippingEasy account.

Addresses on Packing Slips

Packing Slip information is taken from the Store Settings on your STORE & ORDERS page. You can have different information for each platform integration you have set up.

For example: if you have three different store platforms integrated with ShippingEasy, such as an Amazon store, an eBay store, and a BigCommerce store, the packing slip will gather the information used for each variable in your template and plug-in the store-specific information.

Your information from your Amazon store settings is used on the packing slips generated for all of your Amazon orders, your information from your eBay store settings is used on the packing slips generated for all of your eBay orders, and your information from your BigCommerce store settings is used on the packing slips generated for all of your BigCommerce orders.

NOTE: If you ship Manual Orders, you may want to double check the information in your Manual Store settings (included on all ShippingEasy accounts) to make sure the packings slips show the correct information.


Addresses on Labels

By default, the Ship From (Return) address that will be used on your labels come from the SHIP FROM ADDRESSES page. Here, you can save multiple Ship From addresses and set your default Ship From address (sender address).


You can assign any Ship From address that you've saved (other than default) on the READY TO SHIP page. To change to a different Ship From Address, click the grey arrow, then select Edit next to Ship From. Simply select the address you wish to appear on your label, and save.


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