How to use ShippingEasy with PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform that has a plugin available for purchase to integrate with ShippingEasy. Once purchased, this integration supports receiving orders from a PrestaShop store and shipping those orders to your customers.

To use PrestaShop with ShippingEasy, you will need to obtain a copy of the ShippingEasy module for PrestaShop. You can purchase the module from the PrestaShop Addons Marketplace. To download the module, you will need to register an account with PrestaShop's Addons Marketplace.

Then, install the ShippingEasy plugin on your PrestaShop server. You will also add a PrestaShop store into your ShippingEasy settings, and then the plugin will send your PrestaShop orders to your ShippingEasy account.

Learn more about integrating your PrestaShop store with ShippingEasy, by following our step-by-step guide .

Supported versions

Versions 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 of PrestaShop are supported. Unfortunately PrestaShop cloud is not currently supported. However, if you are able to extract order information from your PrestaShop store, orders can be uploaded to ShippingEasy via CSV file..

When an order is entered on your PrestaShop store, the ShippingEasy plugin will connect to the ShippingEasy application and send the order details to your ShippingEasy account.

Click through the sections below to find more details on how PrestaShop works with ShippingEasy.

Syncing Orders

Unlike most ShippingEasy store integrations, PrestaShop orders are not periodically read into your ShippingEasy account by the ShippingEasy application. Instead, orders are sent by your PrestaShop store - in this case, specifically by the ShippingEasy PrestaShop plugin. The orders are sent as soon as they are entered, so there is no delay. The following are frequently asked questions about syncing orders from PrestaShop to ShippingEasy.

Are all orders automatically sent from PrestaShop to ShippingEasy?
No. There is a configuration option in the ShippingEasy PrestaShop plugin where you can specify the status that a PrestaShop order must have before it is sent automatically. Payment Accepted is the most common choice, but you can select any order status that you want:
How do I get existing PrestaShop orders synced to my new ShippingEasy account?
On the order page in PrestaShop, click the Send to ShippingEasy button:
How do I know if an order was sent to ShippingEasy?
The Messages section of the order detail screen in PrestaShop will contain an entry. If the order was successfully sent to ShippingEasy, it will be indicated:

If an error occurred, the error message will be displayed instead.

If you see an "Access Denied" error, it likely means that there's a space before or after one or more of the API credentials you entered in. Please remove the space and attempt to resend the order again.
What happens if I click Sync on the ShippingEasy ORDERS page?

For your PrestaShop orders, "Sync with Store" has no effect.

Editing Orders and Shipments

ShippingEasy can recognize when certain changes have been made to an order in your store. For a complete overview, check out our FAQs on the topic. The following are frequently asked questions specific to PrestaShop orders that are still on the ORDERS page.

What happens if I split a PrestaShop order in ShippingEasy?
The carrier, service, tracking number, and shipping cost for each shipment are added to the Messages section of the order detail screen in PrestaShop. Note, however, that the first shipment that is created will cause the order status in PrestaShop to change to "Shipped," even though not all line items within the original order have shipped.
If I combine two orders in ShippingEasy, do both orders get updated in PrestaShop?
No. Only the order that you selected in ShippingEasy for the address of the combined orders will be updated in PrestaShop.

Shipment Changes and Updates

ShippingEasy updates your store with order information throughout the entire shipping process.

What information is sent back from ShippingEasy to PrestaShop?

Once an order has been shipped, ShippingEasy will update the status of the order in Prestashop to "Shipped". In addition, the carrier, service, tracking number, and shipping cost are sent back to Prestashop. These are displayed in the Messages section of the order detail screen.

Do I need to update the API Configuration so the shipment information can be sent back to PrestaShop?

No. On the Stores page in your ShippingEasy account (SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS), you'll see the PrestaShop integration and the Shipment Callback URL. This information will be auto-populated in the API Configuration fields.

You can see this when you click Edit Store Settings for your PrestaShop site.

Click on the "Store Info" tab and scroll down to "API Configuration".
Your Store URL will be in the "Store URL" field.
The remainder of the Callback URL (after the .com) will be in the "Shipment Callback Path" field.

If the full Callback URL is in the "Shipment Callback Path" we will not be able to update your site with the shipment information.

What happens if I need to cancel an order in my PrestaShop store?
You can select a PrestaShop order status for canceled orders in the configuration of the ShippingEasy PrestaShop module:
The most common choice is to select the Canceled status so that when you cancel an order in your PrestaShop store, it will be removed from ShippingEasy as long as the order was still on the Orders screen in ShippingEasy.
Will the shipment information be sent back to PrestaShop if my web site uses HTTP instead of HTTPS?
No. ShippingEasy can only send shipment status information back to a PrestaShop store if the web site is running on HTTPS.
Will the shipment information be sent back to PrestaShop if my web site does not use the Friendly URL option in PrestaShop?
No. ShippingEasy can only send shipment status information back to a PrestaShop store if PrestaShop is configured to use the Friendly URL option in the Preferences>SEO & URLS settings page:
Changing the setting for Friendly URL can have side affects. Refer to this PrestaShop documentation for more information.

Orders and Product Information

ShippingEasy displays your order and product information on the ORDERS page, where you can customize what information you see. Learn more about customizing your ORDERS page.

What product information from PrestaShop is displayed in ShippingEasy?

The following product details are displayed in ShippingEasy:

  1. Name
  2. SKUs
  3. Weights
  4. Product Options. Learn more about configuring ShippingEasy to display product options.

This information can be found by navigating to SETTINGS > Edit Store Settings link under the PrestaShop store listing.

Does ShippingEasy support PrestaShop reference values for my products?
Yes, these are displayed as the SKU in ShippingEasy. If a specific combination of a product is included in an order, then the reference value for that combination is used as the SKU. In this example, the Orange shirt, size S has a Reference of demo-1-orange, which would be shown as the SKU in ShippingEasy:
Does ShippingEasy support a product location (or warehouse or bin) attribute for PrestaShop products?
Not at this time. Since support for a product's location is not a standard attribute in PrestaShop, we are interested in hearing customer feedback on the importance of this feature.
Does ShippingEasy support PrestaShop combinations for my products?
Yes, if the purchase is of a product combination, the selected attribute values will be displayed in the item description in ShippingEasy. It is not necessary to enable the option in ShippingEasy to Display Product Options - they will always be shown.  For example, this line item in PrestaShop:

Would be shown in ShippingEasy as:

Email Notifications

PrestaShop automatically sends shipment confirmation emails to your customer once their order has been shipped. Return label emails can be automatically sent to customers if they have included an email address with their order. Learn more about automatically sending prepaid return labels.

Customer Marketing

ShippingEasy offers a Customer Marketing solution to help build and grow relationships with your customers. Customer Marketing can be added to your ShippingEasy subscription at any time. A Customer Marketing subscription is managed by selecting a tier which determines how many emails you can send each month. Learn more about email credits.


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