How to use ShippingEasy with Yahoo

Yahoo provides a full-featured store front platform. ShippingEasy has support for receiving your orders from Yahoo and shipping those orders to your customers.

How does it work?

ShippingEasy will automatically read orders from your Yahoo account every hour and load them into your ShippingEasy account.  After orders are shipped, ShippingEasy will update the shipment data back to your Yahoo account.

How do I configure the Yahoo support?

Are all orders sent from my Yahoo account to ShippingEasy?

No. Only orders that have a status of "OK" in Yahoo are sent to ShippingEasy.

What information is sent back to Yahoo from ShippingEasy?

The carrier name and tracking number are sent back to Yahoo for each shipment that is created in ShippingEasy.

If I combine two Yahoo orders in ShippingEasy, do both orders get updated in Yahoo?

Yes, ShippingEasy will automatically update tracking numbers to both Yahoo orders after the combined order is shipped in ShippingEasy.

If I update my order on Yahoo, what will happen to the order in ShippingEasy?

If you update your order status on Yahoo, the order may clear in ShippingEasy. In particular, this will happen if you are marking your orders as "Will Ship" on Yahoo.

What happens if I split a quantity on a Yahoo order in ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy will send the tracking number of each shipment back to Yahoo, but unfortunately Yahoo does not support the partial shipment of a single line item within an order.  As each tracking number is sent back to Yahoo from ShippingEasy, it will overwrite the previously sent tracking number, so only the most recent shipment's tracking number will be visible in the Yahoo user interface.

Are warehouse locations displayed in ShippingEasy?

No. Unfortunately, Yahoo does not provide a standard attribute for a product's bin or location, so ShippingEasy is unable to display a value for this field.

TIP: set up a Product Catalog in ShippingEasy to map warehouse locations to specific SKUs. Learn more about the Product Catalog.

Does ShippingEasy support the product weights that are defined in my Yahoo store?

Yes. However, we have seen inconsistent results with the software that Yahoo makes available to third-parties such as ShippingEasy. In some circumstances, the Yahoo server does not return a weight value. When that happens, ShippingEasy sets the weight for that line item to zero.

TIP: set up a Product Catalog in ShippingEasy to map product weights to specific SKUs. Learn more about the Product Catalog.

Does ShippingEasy support product SKU?

Yes, by default ShippingEasy uses Yahoo's ID field as the SKU. If you prefer, you can use Yahoo's Code field for SKU instead.

Does ShippingEasy support Yahoo product options?

Yes. If you use the Options feature in Yahoo's store fields, the selected option(s) will be displayed in ShippingEasy.

Learn more about configuring ShippingEasy to display your product options.


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