Why am I being quoted different rates in ShippingEasy than on UPS?

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There are various reason why you may see a rate quote within ShippingEasy that differs from what is shown on

You may not have negotiated rates for UPS selected within ShippingEasy.

If you have negotiated rates, you'll need to turn them on in ShippingEasy as well. Go to SETTINGS >> POSTAGE AND CARRIERS >> Manage Account. Click the check box next to "Yes, I Have Negotiated Rates" and then click Save.

You may not have selected the correct pickup type for UPS.

UPS pickup types include Daily Pickup, Customer Counter, and One Time Pickup.

Daily Pickup must be enabled for negotiated rates for UPS. If you need to correct your pickup type within ShippingEasy, go to SETTINGS >> POSTAGE AND CARRIERS >> Manage Account. Choose the correct pickup type and then click Save.

The Ship To address is validating as Residential.

For instructions on how switch the validation to Commercial if you know the change is necessary, find the steps to make the change here.

Your international address may not be validating. 

Unfortunately we cannot offer corrections for all international addresses due to the intricacies between countries. If your international rate is more expensive in ShippingEasy, please check the address. Click "edit" next to the Ship To address to confirm that all necessary fields are filled in. For example, if the destination country requires a Province, you'll want to make sure that the Province field of the address isn't blank.

There may be additional fees/surcharges related to your shipment. 

Learn more about the current UPS fees and surcharges here.

You may not have the correct dimensions entered within ShippingEasy for an oversized shipment.

To make corrections to a shipment's dimensions, please adjust on the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more here.

NOTE: The rates you receive for UPS are only quotes. UPS reserves the right to add additional fees to a shipment after it has been delivered.

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