Why am I being asked to purchase postage?

There are a couple of reasons why you may be asked to purchase postage. If you are concerned about this happening and halting your shipping process, we recommend looking at how you can set up automatic refills on your account. Learn how to set up automatic postage refills.

You do not have enough postage in your USPS postage account.

In order to purchase USPS postage, you will need to maintain a postage balance in your account. Learn more about getting billed for postage.

You have the exact amount of postage you need for your current purchase.

Typically, your postage account does not permit a zero dollar balance on an active account. If the amount required to purchase the label is more than $10, a modal box will appearing requesting you buy the exact amount.
If you have just enough postage to cover the label purchase but you're still receiving the notification, you'll need to add postage to continue. You are not able to buy the exact postage needed, so we recommend leaving even just a few dollars in your account so you don't run into this situation.




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