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ShippingEasy's Browse Rates tool makes comparing rates fast and simple. It enables you to browse rates across all major carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx), as well as get a quote with or without an order - all from any page in ShippingEasy!

Comparing Rates

  1. The Browse Rates dialog will appear, and if applicable, filled with your order data.
  2. Choose to filter rates by using the Service, Package Type, and Address type menus. Then review the Weight and Size fields for accuracy. If you make any changes, select the Get Rates button.
  3. Review the list of rates, clicking between any carriers that you have connected with your ShippingEasy account. Once you have found a rate that you like, click the Select button.

More FAQs about Browse Rates

What carriers and services are available from Browse Rates?

Presently, only select services from USPS, UPS, and FedEx can be compared with the Browse Rates tool.

Amazon Prime rates are not currently available in the Browse Rates tool due to their exclusivity to Learn more about shipping Seller Fulfilled Prime orders.

Services available in the Browse Rates tool include the following:

  • First Class
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express

Browse Rates do not include the rates of USPS Parcel Select.

UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance
  • Ground
  • 3 Day Select
  • 2nd Day Air
  • 2nd Day Air AM
  • Next Day Air Saver
  • Next Day Air
  • Next Day Air Early
  • Ground
  • 3 Day Select
  • 2nd Day Air
  • 2nd Day Air AM
  • Next Day Air Saver
  • Next Day Air
  • Next Day Air Early
  • Ground
  • Express Saver
  • 2Day
  • 2Day AM
  • Standard Overnight
  • Priority Overnight
  • First Overnight

Browse Rates do not include the rates of FedEx One Rate.

If you would like to see additional enhancements of carriers, services, or destinations, please post your feedback for our Product Team in these Feature Request threads:

Can I compare rates for a batch?

No, not at this time. However, we are interested in understanding how much need there is for this option. Please post your feedback in our Feature Request forums.

How do I use the Rate Calculator to research rates across carriers?

You can use the Rate Calculator when you don't have an order to ship. This is the best option if you do not have an order to ship, but rather want to research rates across carriers.

  1. Select the blue Rate Calculator link in the top right corner of your ShippingEasy account.
  2. A BROWSE RATES dialog will appear. Enter the Ship From and Ship To zip codes. Then fill in any other pieces of information you know and select Get Rates.

    The Ship From zip code will auto-populate with the default address zip code listed on the Ship From Addresses page.

  3. You will see a list of options for the available carrier services. Click between the carrier icons to view rate quotes for each carrier.

How can I compare rates for a specific order?

This is the best option if you want to compare rates across carriers and services for a specific order.

From the ORDERS page

This is the best if you prefer to ship from the ORDERS page or want to review rates before creating a shipment.

Use Browse Rates to Review Rates:
  1. From the ORDERS page, locate the order you would like to quote.
  2. On the far right of the order line, expand the action menu. Then select Browse Rates.
Review Rates Using Shipping Presets and Buy Labels
  1. Click the line of the order you want to review rates for:
  2. Using the Shipment Configurations section to select different Shipping Presets, adjust the weight and dimensions to see updated rates.
  3. Once you have found a Shipping Preset and updated weights and dimensions, click Buy Label to continue printing the labels. Learn more about purchasing labels from the ORDERS page.
From the READY TO SHIP page:

This is the best option if you prefer to make your shipping decisions on the READY TO SHIP page.

  1. Begin by creating a shipment or grouping orders as a batch. Learn more about creating shipments.
  2. From the READY TO SHIP page, select the Browse Rates link.


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