What is Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.) and do you offer it?

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Collect on Delivery, or C.O.D., is when the carrier will attempt to collect the amount shown on the C.O.D. tag or package label, and then send the payment to the shipper. If the carrier cannot collect the payment after three attempts, the package will be returned.

ShippingEasy does not offer a C.O.D. option for order payment.

If you would like your customers to pay for shipping charges, you may bill UPS and FedEx shipping costs to a third party. However, this is limited to shipping costs and the individual billed must have a UPS and/or FedEx account number.
Learn more about third party billing.


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    Jack Pedotto

    Do I add the cost of the product being shipped COD to the Shipping and COD fee and bill the entire thing to the third party? For instance, product cost is $138.00, shipping $9.00, COD fee $10.85. Do I bill $157.85 to third party account, and then the carrier sends me a check for $138.00 after acceptance? Will the customer be debited after delivery, and what happens if delivery is denied?

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    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi Jack - Thanks for asking for clarification! I'm sorry if this article was misleading. It's been updated, so I hope that helps avoid future misunderstanding.

    ShippingEasy does not offer COD for order payments. You'll need to be sure to collect payment for your orders via your selling channel.

    Our third party billing options allow you to bill the shipping costs to an account other than your own. You will need to have a UPS and/or FedEx account integrated with ShippingEasy. In addition, your customer will need to have their own UPS and/or FedEx account. You'll then provide your customer's account information to ShippingEasy. If you frequently ship to the same individual, you can save these third party account credentials as well. These articles give more details:



    Saving credentials:

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