How to: Change the primary user information on my account

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Making updates or changes to the primary user of your ShippingEasy account is simple. To do so, log in as the primary account owner using the current information.

  1. Go to the My Profile link located at the top right of the page of your ShippingEasy account.
  2. Update the information.
  3. Select Save

If the email is already being used by a secondary user and they want to become the primary owner, the account owner will have to apply a dummy email to the secondary user in order for it to be available to apply to the primary account.

For example:
Ted ( wants Wanda ( to be the primary account owner. Ted is currently the primary account owner and Wanda is currently a secondary user.

To update the secondary user's email the account owner:

  1. The user needs to log into the (current) primary account owner's account (
  2. Navigate to SETTINGS> USERS
  3. Update the secondary user's email to a dummy email address (
  4. Update the primary account owner's email under My Profile (to
  5. Change or archive the secondary user by going to SETTINGS> USERS and selecting the 'x' to the right of the secondary users name.

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