Can I buy Shipsurance after I have purchased a label?

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Yes. You can purchase Shipsurance insurance if the label has not already been scanned at the mail center. There are two options available:

  • Purchase insurance from Shipsurance directly for the original shipment.
  • Cancel your original shipment in ShippingEasy and repurchase the label with insurance.

How to: Purchase insurance from Shipsurance directly

NOTE: Shipsurance partners with InsurePost to provide single parcel coverage.
  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Insure Now (listed under the headline "Instant Shipping Insurance Protection").
  3. Register an account or opt to Insure My Shipment as a Guest.
  4. Enter your shipment details.
  5. Provide your payment information.

Your shipment is now insured! 

How to: Purchase insurance from ShippingEasy

NOTE: you can also add Shipsurance to a shipped order from within ShippingEasy, but you'll need to cancel the original label and duplicate it.
  1. Navigate to the SHIPMENT HISTORY page from anywhere in the ShippingEasy app.
  2. Find the order you want to insure.
  3. To the left of the order, click the green V action menu and select Cancel Shipment.
    NOTE: the postage will be refunded by Stamps in 28 days.

    Once the label is cancelled, select Create Duplicate Shipment to create a new label for the order.

  4. Creating a Duplicate Shipment will bring you to the READY FOR PAYMENT page. Click the pencil icon to edit the shipment. This will allow you to add insurance coverage to the shipment.
  5. From there, you will be brought to the READY TO SHIP page. Under "Insurance Options" you can select the option to Add Shipsurance.
  6. In the Insure to the value of field, enter the amount of insurance coverage you would like to purchase.
  7. Select Update to refresh your total cost.
  8. Purchase as print the label as normal. 


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    James Clark

    If I read this right. The only way to add insurance after a label is printed is to cancel the label, request a refund and then pay for a new label, making sure to add insurance before the label is printed. WHY?

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    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Hi James - Thanks for asking for clarification. I've made some updates to the article above in hopes that it will be clearer for future readers. However, to answer your specific questions - if you forget to purchase insurance when you purchase a label, you actually have two options to insure the shipment:

    • Buy it directly from Shipsurance's partner InsurePost.
    • Purchase Shipsurance from ShippingEasy's interface.

    If you're interested in purchasing from InsurePost, I've detailed the process in this article.

    If you decide that you'd prefer to insure the package from ShippingEasy's interface, then you need to cancel and duplicate the shipment. The reason behind this is that insurance can only be added manually from the READY TO SHIP page. This is where our rates are derived and we're not able to provide rate quotes on the Shipment History page.

    In other words, shipments cannot be edited from the Shipment History page. They can only be edited on the ORDERS and READY TO SHIP pages. It's the process of duplicating the shipment that returns the order to the editing process.

    If you know that you always want to insure certain kinds of shipments, you can choose to set up insurance defaults or add in Shipping Rules. Both of these options will tell ShippingEasy to automatically add insurance to the types of shipments you specify.

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