How to use ShippingEasy with Magento

Magento offers a great platform for selling your products which ShippingEasy supports, making it easy to receive orders and ship them to your customers.

How does it work?

ShippingEasy automatically sends queries to read the orders from your Magento account and then loads them into your ShippingEasy account. You will see the Magento orders on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy as soon as you log in. Once shipped, shipment data will be sent back to Magento.

What versions of Magento are supported?

ShippingEasy's integration supports Magento Community or Magento Enterprise, versions 1.8, 1.9, 2.1.x, and 2.2.x. For Magento 2 stores, version 2.1.3 and higher is recommended for proper handling of split order updates.

How do I integrate Magento with ShippingEasy?

First, determine which version of Magento your store runs on. Then find step-by-step integration guides below:

Note: Magento 2.0 users should upgrade to version 2.1.3 or higher for best results with ShippingEasy.

How often are my orders synced?

By default, orders are automatically synced hourly. However, you can disable this automatic order download and opt to manually sync your orders via the Sync with store button when you are prepared to ship them. Learn more about disabling automatic order downloads.

Are all orders sent from my Magento account to ShippingEasy?

You can choose which order statuses will sync with ShippingEasy. The following statuses are available to sync:

  • New
  • Pending Payment
  • Processing
  • On Hold
  • Payment Review

Learn more about configuring which Magento order statuses sync.

When bringing in an order, ShippingEasy will also check to confirm that the order contains a physical shipment. Order line items that contain virtual or downloadable product types are filtered out.

What happens if I click Sync with Store on the ShippingEasy ORDERS page?

The Sync with Store link prompts ShippingEasy to pull through orders, in an approved status.

If your store is set up for automatic hourly order downloads, Sync with Store will bring your orders in sooner than the time of the usual hourly sync.

If you have disabled the automatic order download, you must use Sync with Store to download your orders.

It can take 15-20 minutes for orders to populate after selecting Sync with Store.

How do I get existing Magento orders sent to my new ShippingEasy account?

ShippingEasy will automatically sync unshipped orders from the last 14 days, upon integrating your store.

Are manual orders brought into ShippingEasy from Magento?

Yes. Orders entered into Magento manually with sync into ShippingEasy if they are in a status that you designate to sync.

If I cancel an order in Magento, will it automatically be cancelled in ShippingEasy?

Yes. If an order is cancelled in Magento, it automatically clears it from the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy.

Why are my orders not downloading from Magento?

There are three likely reasons that your orders are not downloading:

How are order status values mapped from Magento to ShippingEasy?

Magento Status ShippingEasy Status
New Awaiting Fulfillment
Pending Awaiting Payment
Processing Awaiting Shipment
On Hold (Holded) Awaiting Fulfillment
Payment Review Awaiting Payment

The following Magento statuses will clear orders present on the ORDERS page from ShippingEasy: Complete, Closed, Canceled.

How is the requested service mapped from Magento?

ShippingEasy will pull the requested service data from the "shipping_method" field in Magento.

Are product SKUs displayed in ShippingEasy?


Are product weights displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes. ShippingEasy will display the order weight that was assigned in store.

Magento automatically stores weights as pounds (lbs). For example, if you list the weight as 3, it comes in as 3 lbs. However, if you listed the weight as 0.1875, this would come in as 3 oz.

For reference, these should return you 1-16 ounces:

Ounces (oz) Pounds (lb)
1 0.0625
2 0.125
3 0.1875
4 0.25
5 0.3125
6 0.375
7 0.4375
8 0.5
9 0.5625
10 0.625
11 0.6875
12 0.75
13 0.8125
14 0.875
15 0.9375

Are product options displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes. Product options for Magento orders are attached to each item description.

If you make further edits to product options after the orders have synced, be sure to adjust your settings in ShippingEasy to display product options.

Learn more about editing line items and configuring ShippingEasy to display added product options.

Are warehouse locations displayed in ShippingEasy?

No. Magento does not have a standard attribute defined for warehouse/bin location.

TIP: set up a Product Catalog in ShippingEasy to map warehouse locations to specific SKUs. Learn more about the Product Catalog.

How do I prevent duplicate orders from being pulled in from Magento?

Magento users can manage multiple stores from one admin login. When they integrate multiple stores into ShippingEasy, there is a quirk where stores duplicate the order numbers, as though they are reading from the admin page twice.

To avoid this problem, only integrate one store, and use the different order prefixes to determine which site the order originated from. Or integrate each Magento website to your ShippingEasy account individually, and then use Shipping Rules to control which orders pull in from each store. Learn more about this quirk and these workarounds here.

Which order number is displayed in ShippingEasy?

Magento allows you to add plug-ins to your store to change the order number that is sent on your invoices and confirmation emails. However, these are not currently supported in ShippingEasy. ShippingEasy will display the original, unedited order number as assigned by Magento.

What information is sent back from ShippingEasy to Magento?

    • Magento 1.x: When ShippingEasy sends order updates, it marks orders as "Complete" and provides Magento with the ship date, carrier and tracking number.
      NOTE: Magento 1.x orders will need to have an invoice before they can be marked as "Complete". Without an invoice, ShippingEasy cannot mark orders as "Complete".
    • Magento 2.1.x: When ShippingEasy sends order updates, it provides Magento with the ship date, carrier and tracking number.
      NOTE: ShippingEasy marks orders as "Complete" when sending any shipment update for Magento versions 2.1.0 through 2.1.2.  Therefore, a minimum version of 2.1.3 is recommended for users who may need to split an order to ensure that the order is not marked "Complete" in the Magento store until all line items for the order are shipped.

Carrier information exceptions: When shipping via Globegistics, APC, or RR Donnelley carriers, ShippingEasy will set the carrier name to “Other” in Magento.

If I combine two orders in ShippingEasy, do both orders get updated in Magento?

The orders will not be combined in Magento; however, once postage is purchased both orders will be marked as shipped with the tracking number (if included).

If I split an order in ShippingEasy, will ShippingEasy update both tracking numbers to Magento?

Yes.  For Magento version 2 stores, ShippingEasy recommends a minimum version of 2.1.3 to ensure that the order is not marked as "Complete" in the Magento store until all line items for the order are shipped.

How are "Bundled Products" displayed in ShippingEasy?

Bundled products are displayed as either a single line item, or as multiple line items, depending on how you have bundled products configured in Magento. This format will carry over to packing slips created in ShippingEasy. Learn more about packing slips.

How are "Bundled Products" updated when only one or some of the line items are shipped?

In the "Items Ordered" view in Magento, the number of items orders is listed in the Qty column. When a line item is shipped, a note will be added to the Qty column with the number of items shipped.

Example of a "Bundled Product" order from Magento as displayed in ShippingEasy:

You will see on line two a "Gaming Computer" and all of the items listed are included (grouped) into the single item order.

Example of how the "Bundled Product" order is updated in Magento when only one item is shipped:

Are gift orders sent from Magento to ShippingEasy?


Are comments sent from Magento to ShippingEasy?

Customer Comments:

Yes these can be sent to ShippingEasy, however this option is off by default. To sync your customer comments, navigate to your Magento store settings page and enable the sending of customer comments for Magento orders.

Merchant Internal Comments:

If using Magento v2.2, internal comments added by a merchant can be sent to ShippingEasy.

Will ShippingEasy send email notifications to my Magento customers when their orders ship?

You have the option to send email notifications from ShippingEasy to your customers. Learn how to send email notifications from ShippingEasy and how to customize these emails.

What kind of security is required to integrate my store?

Magento requires an SSL certificate.

Will the shipment information be sent back to Magento if my web site uses HTTP instead of HTTPS?

Some information may be read by Magento, but without an SSL certificate shipment information will not always be sent back to your store.

Does Magento require SOAP in order to integrate with ShippingEasy?

Magento v2.x stores do not require SOAP. However, stores using Magento version 1.x technology are required to use SOAP in order to integrate with ShippingEasy. SOAP stands for "simple object access protocol". ShippingEasy's software integration with Magento is designed to work with encoded SOAP messages. Learn more.

To tell is SOAP has been loaded, type your URL with the extension /api/v2_soap/  (ex: Learn more about SOAP.

If soap has been loaded, you should see an XML-document explaining more about the usage of SOAP.

Do I need to turn off WS-I to connect to Magento 2?

WS-I should not need to be turned off for Magento 2. WS-I compliance is a SOAP concept, and we do not use a SOAP API to connect up to Magento 2.

If I update an order in Magento, will the order details update to ShippingEasy?

Yes, ShippingEasy can receive updates to order status, recipient address, customer comments or item price. Updates will only be received by ShippingEasy when more than an address change is made. Learn more.

Item prices will only update when made to an order manually entered into Magento admin, but not when orders placed on the website are updated. Learn more.

Are billing addresses sent from Magento to ShippingEasy?

Yes, ShippingEasy can receive billing addresses for your Magento orders, and display those on your packing slips.

NOTE: If a billing address is incomplete, ShippingEasy will replace it with the shipping address to ensure the shipping updates sent back to Magento do not fail.
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