Can I transfer money between Endicia accounts?

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NOTE: the information in this article is intended for subscribers who created their ShippingEasy account before September 20, 2017.

On October 4, 2017, ShippingEasy will begin converting all subscribers to a single Endicia account. Learn more about converting your Endicia accounts.

ShippingEasy provides you with two Endicia accounts - Endicia First Class and Endicia Expedited - to access the full range of USPS services. If you add money to the wrong Endicia account, the balance in the account is non-transferable to your other Endicia account. Learn more about the difference between the two Endicia accounts

You can leave the postage in the account until you use it for your labels.

Alternatively, you can close the Endicia account for a full refund of the remaining postage balance. The money will be refunded to your method of payment in 7-14 days. Learn how to close your Endicia Account.

IMPORTANT: if you decide to close an Endicia account for the balance refund, carefully review your SHIPMENT HISTORY first. Be sure to cancel any labels purchased via the account that will not be used. You will not be able to cancel any labels after submitting the request to close the account.  


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