Printing from the Orders Page | Guide

The ORDERS page shows you at a glance all of the orders your store is pulling in, with options to sort, filter and ship. You also have the option to print Pick Lists or Packing Slips, and even individually print your labels!

If you are already set up with ConnectEasy, Pick Lists and Packing Slips will be sent immediately to your printer upon printing. Learn more about ConnectEasy.

If you do not have ConnectEasy, documents will be sent to the READY TO PRINT page.

Print Labels for Faster Shipping

Print Documents for Faster Picking and Packing

Sort Orders According to Packing Slips Printed

ShippingEasy gives you the option to filter for specific orders that have a packing slip already printed or that have not. Click on "More Filters" in the filter toolbar above the orders.more_filters_highlighted.png

On the left side of the page, scroll to "Packing Slip" option and expand it to select:

  • All
  • Printed
  • Not Printed


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