ShippingEasy on Mobile Phones

ShippingEasy is continuing to improve your shipping experience when using a mobile device. When new features are released, we will update this article.

Shipping on your mobile device just got easier! The app will recognize when you log in to your account from your phone and default to the mobile view. The app will open on the ORDERS page showing your orders one at a time.

If your phone does not autodetect the mobile view, type in /m/orders at the end of the web address.

Use the Add to Home Screen to create an "app" for quick and easy access. Mobile_View_Icon.png

ShippingEasy Mobile Features

The mobile view is currently only available on the ORDERS page. Some of the features that you can use from this page include:

  • Add Manual Orders
  • View orders in a scrollable list
  • Add and edit line items
  • See product images and detailed information about an order’s line items
  • View order notes, tags, and custom fields
  • Apply Shipping Presets to your orders
  • Adjust dimensions and weight of an order
  • Add confirmation options
  • Add Shipsurance
  • Create and buy your shipping labels
  • Mark as Shipped
  • Remove orders
  • Pull down store sync
  • Reconnect a disconnected store
  • Remove an order or 'Mark as Shipped'.

Navigating in the ShippingEasy Mobile View

To operate functions within the app in the mobile view, follow these steps:

  1. Click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) to see the side navigation bar.
  2. You can move between each PAGE within your account from the navigation bar or return to the Desktop View.
  3. Click < Previous or Next > to move between orders. The total number of orders on the page is also displayed.
  4. Click the Sync icon. This will show 3 available options depending on how your ShippingEasy account is set up.
    • Sync one or all of your stores by clicking the Sync icon next to Orders.
    • Sync individual stores by clicking the Sync icon to the right of the store.
    • Click Connect Store to reconnect a disconnected store.

Adding an Order

Follow the steps to add a manual order using the mobile view.

  1. Click on + Add Order. 
  2. Search a saved Customer Address or enter in the Ship-To address information. Mobile_View_ShipTo_MRK.png
    Paste and Parse address does not work in the mobile view for manual orders.
  3. Add the customer's email (required for shipping notifications) and phone number. 
  4. Enter in the Order Details such as:
    • Order Date
    • Shipping Costs
    • Order Total
    • Item Name
    • Quantity
    • Weight
    • SKU
    • Price
    • Custom Fields
  5. Click Add to create the order.

Now you are ready to apply a shipping carrier, service, and package to buy your label. 

Buying a Label

After you have reviewed the order and made any necessary edits, you are ready to buy the label. 

  1. Select to Apply shipping preset:
  2. Or choose from one of your connected carriers:
    Insurance cannot be purchased through the mobile app at this time.
  3. Click Buy Label once you have a rate quote:
    If you do not have enough funds in your account to buy the label, we will suggest an amount to add to your balance.
  4. You will see Label Purchased once complete. Mobile_View_LabelPurchased_MRK.png
    The label will queue on the READY TO PRINT page.
ConnectEasy does not work with mobile devices. You can print your label through the phone browser to a connected printer.


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