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ShippingEasy offers several dynamic plans to provide all types of customers with shipping solutions that fit their needs. The tables below provide a detailed comparison of features, providers, and tools available with each plan type. Click through the links provided to learn more about each feature.

You can verify your current plan by navigating to the SETTINGS page and clicking on SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING. If you've added on additional options, they will be visible under the Change My Plan link.

Learn more about our plan pricing and our Enterprise solution.


Plan Specific Features:

Subscription Plan
Add ons
Basic Plus Select Premium Enterprise
Shipments Max no. of labels per billing cycle. 50 500 1500 3000 6000 ∞  
Stores * Automatic order syncing from & updating to eCommerce websites.  Learn how to integrate your store. ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ $5/each
User  One or more unique logins. Learn about the possibilities and how to add users. 1 2 3 5 ∞ ∞ $5/each
QuickBooks Transfer order and shipments data to QuickBooks.  Only available as an add on service. Learn how to integrate Quickbooks desktop n/a + + + + + $20
Brand Package Reinforce your brand by displaying a logo on emails and packing slips.  Learn more + √ √ √ √ √ $10
Hardware Integration ConnectEasy seamlessly integrates your printers and scale so we can access your devices directly. Learn more. + √ √ √ √ √ $5
CSV Order Uploads Quickly add orders that originate outside integrated stores via CSV upload. Learn more. n/a √ √ √ √ √  
USPS SCAN Forms Save time scanning individual labels by consolidating tracking numbers. Learn more. n/a √ √ √ √ √  
Reports View snapshots or download data and analyze shipping metrics. Learn more n/a √ √ √ √ √  
Return Labels                
Generate prepaid return labels fast. We'll email them for you! Learn more. √ √ √ √ √ √  
Only pay for these USPS labels once they are scanned. Learn more. n/a √ √ √ √ √  
Technical Support                 
Immediate Setup Work one-on-one with an Account Manager for a quick settings intro and to print your first label. n/a √          
Dedicated Setup Follow-up Immediate Setup with a live webinar to configure the app in detail to support your processes. n/a √          
Premium Setup Immediate Setup, plus assistance tailoring your settings to your business' needs. n/a n/a √ √ √ √  
24/7 online tools Find expert answers to FAQs in the Knowledge Base or post feedback and ask questions in the Community Forum. √ √ √ √ √ √  
One-on-one help Find links to email, call, or chat us on the blue navigation menu in app. Learn more. n/a √ √ √ √ √  

* As of January 27th, 2016 new ShippingEasy accounts can add an unlimited number of store integrations to any paid plan, for no additional cost.


Shipping Providers:

Starter Basic Plus - Enterprise
USPS Postage        
Endicia First Class Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) yields online discounted rates for Domestic & International First Class, Media Mail & Parcel Select services.  Learn more. √ √ √
Endicia Expedited Access Domestic & International Priority Mail & Priority Mail Express services.      
Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) yields online discounted rates. Learn more. √    
Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) yields rates discounted beyond standard online discounted postage. Learn more. n/a √ √
Flat Rate Green Flat Rate Green is ShippingEasy's proprietary version of dimensional rates. Learn more. n/a n/a  √
FedEx Postage Connect an existing FedEx account to access negotiated rates. Learn more. n/a √ √
UPS Postage Connect an existing UPS account to access negotiated rates. Learn more. n/a √ √


Universal Features:

Manual Orders Store Ship orders that originate outside integrated stores. Learn more.
Product Catalog Store product information for immediate access throughout the app. Learn more.
Shipping Rules Automate order management. Learn more.
International Shipments Painlessly generate required international customs forms. Learn more
Saved Packaging Save your custom box sizes to quickly select when shipping. Learn more.
Shipment Insurance Protect your shipments for peace of mind while shipping. Learn more.
Customer Address Book Save customer addresses to access later. Learn more.
Customized Email Templates Create shipment notification and return label templates to match your brand. Learn more.
Customize Packing Slip Templates Print packing slips as unique as your business. Learn more.
Pick Lists Print a list of all items to fulfill orders efficiently. Learn more.
Prepaid Return Labels  Generate pre-paid return labels fast. We'll email them for you! Learn more.
Auto Refill Postage Set up an automatic refill of your postage balance so you do have to stop while you're shipping. Learn more.


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