How to: Print from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page

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The SHIPMENT HISTORY page is a convenient place to perform all of your printing tasks for any orders already processed.


When you have a single document that you need to print again, the reprint option is your go-to solution. 

  1. From the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, locate the order related to the missing document.
  2. On the right side of the order line, expand the Reprint button menu.
  3. Select the document from the list of options that you need to reprint:
    • Label
    • Packing Slip
    • Pick List
NOTE: You will not be charged again for any label you reprint.

Print in bulk:

If you have more than one label or packing slip that you need to Print or Reprint, you can print in bulk.

  1. From the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, check the boxes to the left of the orders related to the missing documents.
  2. Above the green table header, expand the grey Print Actions menu. 
  3. Select the document from the list of options that you need to reprint:
    • Print Labels
    • Print Packing Slips
    • Print Customs Forms
    • Print Pick List

Print your label:

If your printer (SETTINGS >> PRINTERS) is not connected to ConnectEasy, the green PRINT button will be visible with the option of printing from this page next to the order. 


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