How to: Assign a default Ship From address to a specific user

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Shippers that have multiple user log-ins, can assign unique 'Ship From' addresses for each user. This ensures that the correct warehouse is automatically assigned, based on which individual or work station is processing a package.

Addresses can be assigned per user in two ways:

  • Admin users can assign the default 'Ship From' address for each user.
  • Individual users can set the default 'Ship From' address for their specific user log-in.


Admin users - assign the default 'Ship From' address for each user:

  1. Go to SETTINGS, then USERS.

  2. Click the edit or pencil icon next to the user. 

  3. Select the Shipping Address from the drop down menu.

  4. Then click the Update button. 


Individual users - set the default 'Ship From' address for their specific log-in:  

  1. In the top right corner of your account, click the Logged in as menu. Then select My Profile.

  2. Select the Shipping Address from the drop down menu.

  3. Then click the Save button. 


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