How to: Obtain a refund for a late Priority Mail Express delivery

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Priority Mail Express is a time guaranteed service through the USPS. As such, a refund claim for late delivery can quickly be filed online. Follow our steps below for help.

To determine if your package has been delayed, you can check the tracking via USPS. If your Priority Mail Express package is not delivered by the guaranteed time and date on the label and/or tracking number, then you can request a postage refund. Look up guaranteed times.

Please keep in mind that the shipment must be scanned in at your local Post Office by the cut-off time to begin the shipping process on time. The cut-off time can vary per Post Office and refunds may be denied for packages delayed due to drop off after the local office's cut-off time.

TIP: check with your local Post Office to find their specific cut-off time. Hand deliver Priority Mail Express packages and wait with them until you see a clerk scan each package. This safeguards that they are scanned before the cut-off time.

In addition, destination restrictions apply to international shipments. The guarantee is only available to the following countries:

Australia Germany Japan Spain
(excluding Canary Islands) 
Canada Great Britain and
Northern Ireland
New Zealand Sweden
China Hong Kong Republic of Korea
(South Korea)
(excluding Corsica
and Monaco)
Israel  Singapore  Thailand
NOTE: this list is current as of October 2018. Find the list of currently eligible international destinations on USPS' website.


To obtain a refund on a delayed USPS Priority Mail Express shipment: 

  1. Start a claim with USPS in a timely manner:
    • Domestic: within 30 days from purchase.
    • International: within 90 days from purchase.
  2. Prepare evidence:
    1. The tracking number
    2. The label PDF
    3. Proof of purchase. Learn how to print this from
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. Click Help and then select Request a Refund
  5. Under Domestic Service Refunds, select Priority Mail Express
  6. Select Request a PME Refund
  7. You'll be required to enter some details about your items, including the tracking number, and the reason why you are requesting a refund. If applicable, you may be required to upload a proof of purchase.
  8. Get your refund:
    1. If approved, USPS will send you a check in the mail for your reimbursement.
    2. Should the amount USPS refund you differ from what you paid, notify ShippingEasy per the following instructions. ShippingEasy must be notified within a timely manner to complete the claim.
      1. Domestic: within 60 days from purchase.
      2. International: within 120 days from purchase.
NOTE: the form below should be completed as soon as your claim is approved by the USPS.
For Domestic, the form should be completed within 60 days from the label purchase.
For International, the form should be completed within 120 days from the label purchase.
This is an additional 30 days beyond the USPS cut-off to ensure time for USPS to process the claim.

To notify ShippingEasy of a delayed USPS Priority Mail Express shipment:

If you are on a paid ShippingEasy plan, you have access to the best discounts online. More generally, PC Postage providers (eg software that helps you print USPS postage from your PC or computer) provide access to Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) and in most cases that is what the Post Office is set up to refund. Don’t worry – ShippingEasy will refund any remaining difference between what the Post Office is able to refund and the total postage price paid on ShippingEasy.

We hate asking you to complete additional paperwork! But unfortunately, we need some details in order to refund any remaining amount. Please complete the following form. While only fields noted with a * are required, providing more information may help expedite your remaining refund.

Please remember that USPS guarantees the timely delivery of Priority Mail Express shipments, so a claim will need to be filed directly with USPS to receive a complete refund of any postage paid for a delayed shipment.

 * indicates a required field.

Contact Information:

How can we get in touch with you?


Mailing address:

Where should we mail your refund check?

Package Details:

Tell us more about your delayed Priority Mail Express shipment.

Shipment Weight:

Additional Information:

Submit your USPS Priority Mail Express refund request:

Clicking Send to ShippingEasy Billing will open your completed form in your preferred email client.

If you have multiple claims to file with USPS, please upload a file via email detailing all delayed shipments.

Learn how to export a shipping report from ShippingEasy. Remember to edit exported report data to detail only delayed Priority Mail Express shipments for which you will be filing a refund claim with USPS.

NOTE: clicking "Send to ShippingEasy Billing" will open your completed form in your preferred email client. If you run into problems submitting this form, please update your browser's default email client.


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