Troubleshoot: Syncing Magento orders

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There are a few reasons that your Magento orders may not sync into your ShippingEasy account:

Why are some of my orders missing?  

Double check the order status. You can choose which order statuses will sync with ShippingEasy. If the order is not in a status that you have approved to sync, ShippingEasy will not see the order and it will not sync.

The following statuses are available to sync:

  • New
  • Pending Payment
  • Processing
  • On Hold
  • Payment Review

Learn more about configuring which Magento order statuses sync.

Why are my orders loading so slowly?

The speed of the API is determined by the speed of the server in which the store is hosted on. If we have slow connection times to the API, its typically due to their slow server. Learn more

Why are my orders pulling through as duplicates? 

Magento merchants can manage multiple stores out of 1 admin login. When they integrate both stores into ShippingEasy there is a quirk where both stores duplicate the order numbers, as though they are reading off the admin page twice. Our developers are aware of this issue and have plans to look into the cause further. 

Why are my orders split when coming into ShippingEasy?

There is no concept of partial shipments with Magento. As such, Magento does not provide an option to purchase multiple items and send them to multiple recipients - if you send to multiple recipients, Magento automatically separates these into separate orders. Each overall order has a single recipient.

Why are my orders weights not coming in correctly?

Magento automatically stores weights as lbs. For example, if you list the weight as 3, it comes in as 3 lbs. However, if you listed the weight as 0.1875, this would come in as 3 oz.

For reference, these should return you 1-16 ounces:

Ounces (oz) Pounds (lb)
1 0.0625
2 0.125
3 0.1875
4 0.25
5 0.3125
6 0.375
7 0.4375
8 0.5
9 0.5625
10 0.625
11 0.6875
12 0.75
13 0.8125
14 0.875
15 0.9375


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