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Go to the SETTINGS tab from anywhere in ShippingEasy and click on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page under ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

There are three sections to the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING that contain different information regarding your ShippingEasy account.



1. Subscription Summary

Summary of your signup date and the date of your next payment. Learn more about billing.


2. Plan Type

The current plan in use and cost. Learn more about our plan types.

Discounts (and applicable taxes, if any) are not accounted for here; however, they will be reflected in the Subscription Invoices.

3. Current Monthly Label Use Your current monthly label use. A month is tracked as a billing cycle from the start of your last payment date. To the right, you will see a visual of your label use.
4. Number of Users

View the number of users on your account. Learn more about adding more users and setting up new users.

5. Number of Stores

View the number of stores on your account. Learn more about integrating additional stores.

6. Flat Rate Green Cubic Shipping Rates ShippingEasy's own volume-based, cubic pricing. Learn more about Flat Rate Green.
7. Change My Plan Option to change your plan subscription.
8. Cancel My Account Option to cancel your account. Learn more.
Available Add-Ons
9. Number of Users

Each plan includes a specific number of user logins, so that you may manage your orders and team. If you have a larger operation, you may add additional users for $5/mo each. Learn more about setting up new users.

10. Customer Marketing Organize and segment customer contact information, set up automated marketing campaigns, and more by adding ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing feature. Learn more.


1. ShippingEasy Payment Information
Shows information about the credit card on file for subscription and insurance purchases. Learn more about what you may be billed for by ShippingEasy and how to update your credit card.
2. Update USPS Postage to Checking Account Connect your checking account with ACH billing. Learn more.
3. Change Payment Method Update your credit card.


1. Your Invoices Display of most current invoices for your account from May 28th, 2015, and on.
2. PDF/Download Invoice Option to view your invoices as a PDF or download from ShippingEasy.


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