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1. Subscription A summary of your subscription:
  • Member Since: your signup date.
  • Next Payment: date of your next payment. Learn more about billing.
  • Plan Type: current plan in use and cost. Learn more about our plans types.
  • Total Cost (monthly): Your total cost including your monthly subscription plan and add-ons. Discounts (and applicable taxes, if any) are not accounted for here; however, they will be reflected in the Subscription Invoices.

And summary of subscription usage:

5. Change My Plan Edit the plan type or add/remove these add-ons:
  • Number of Stores: each plan includes a specific number of stores, so that you may integrate your individual selling channels. If you sell on more platforms, you may add additional stores for $5/mo each. Learn more about adding stores
  • Number of Users: each plan includes a specific number of user logins, so that you may manage your orders and team. If you have a larger operation, you may add additional users for $5/mo each. Learn more about setting up new users.
  • Brand Package: optional for Starter subscribers who want to add a logo to their packing slips and email confirmations. Included for all paid plans starting in January 2015. Learn how to upload your logo.
  • Changes will update your Total Cost. Learn more.
6. Cancel My Account Option to cancel your account. Learn more.
7. Billing Information Shows information about the credit card on file for subscription and insurance purchases. Learn more about what you may billed for by ShippingEasy and how to update your credit card.
10. Subscription Invoices Display of most current invoices for your account from May 28th, 2015 and on.

NOTICE: ShippingEasy support for Quickbooks will end on May 1st.

We recommend customers using QuickBooks integrate their ShippingEasy data into Quickbooks using Webgility. A partner of ShippingEasy, Webgility develops and supports Unify, a multi-channel ecommerce solution. Unify connects revenue and expense data to give merchants better perspective for smarter decision making and streamlined operations.


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