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How do I schedule a pickup from USPS?

Learn how to schedule a pickup using our guide.

Which address does USPS pick up from when I request a pickup?

When requesting a pickup from USPS, you local USPS driver will pickup from the "Ship From" address on the label.

What if we have multiple pickup addresses and different "Ship From" addresses on each label?

There may be scenarios where you have different pickup addresses such as multiple warehouses. In these cases, you will need to request pickup on a per-label basis.

For example: If you want a pickup at 1234 Cherrywood Drive, but the label has a "Ship From" address of 4321 Maple Drive, the post office will try to pickup from 4321 Maple Drive.

If I request a pickup on, where will USPS pick up from?

USPS will pickup from the Physical location Address. You can change this by going to Update Profile > Physical Address & Local Post Office.

Can I edit a scheduled pickup made within ShippingEasy like I would if I requested it on

While you cannot edit pickups within ShippingEasy, you can from

When is the deadline to edit a pickup?

Any edits/cancellations have a deadline of 2:00 A.M. CST. If you try to edit it after that time, you will get an error. If you miss the cutoff, USPS recommends leaving notification at the location you indicated originally, that provides details on the edit or cancellation.

How do I find my confirmation number and verify that I have requested a pickup in ShippingEasy?

On the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, any orders that requested a pickup will have a box underneath the tracking number:

Hover over the box to view the pickup schedule information

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