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If you have created a label that has been included on a SCAN form, it must be cancelled through your Endicia account. In general, USPS labels can be cancelled within 30 days of purchase. Unused labels are also eligible for a full refund. Learn more.

To cancel a label via

  1. Navigate to and log in with your Endicia account credentials. Find out how to locate your Endicia account information in ShippingEasy.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to My Account > Tools > Request a Postage Refund.
  3. On the "Refund Request" page, follow the instructions on the right hand side of the page to search for your unused label. Make your selections, and press Go
  4. On the "Refundable Transaction List" page, check the label(s) you want to cancel.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Select Refund Request.
  6. On the "Preview Refund Request" page, verify this is the label for which you want to request a refund. Then click the Preview Refund Request button.
  7. On the "Submit Refund Request" page, review the Privacy Act Statement. Then click Submit Refund Request

Thats it - you're done! 


NOTE: your Endicia carrier balance will be refunded for the postage amount paid. Endicia takes 14 to 20 business days for refunds to process. Learn more.


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