How do I use FedEx SmartPost with ShippingEasy?

FedEx SmartPost is a cost-effective way to ship low-weight packages by working with USPS for final delivery.

How do I get the SmartPost services to display in ShippingEasy?

SmartPost is only available to FedEx customers who have an agreement with FedEx for SmartPost service. Before enabling SmartPost in ShippingEasy, it is important to verify with your FedEx Account Manager, that your FedEx account is set up as a small shipper and enabled for SmartPost.

In ShippingEasy, navigate to SETTINGS > ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS and click the Manage Account link:


Then check the box Enable FedEx SmartPost to enable SmartPost within ShippingEasy and search the dropdown for your FedEx SmartPost city and Hub ID. If you do not know your FedEx SmartPost Hub ID, contact your FedEx Account Manager:


What does "ERROR - Customer not eligible for service" mean?

Your FedEx account is not enabled for SmartPost services. To get your account enabled for SmartPost, contact your FedEx Account Manager.

Smartpost accounts are set up as small and large volume shippers. Small volume accounts return two tracking numbers and large only return one. Ask your FedEx account manager to set you up as a small shipper in order to receive the two tracking numbers from both services.

What does "ERROR - SmartPost hub id is invalid" mean?

Either your FedEx account is not enabled for SmartPost services or you entered the Hub ID incorrectly on the Manage Account settings page in ShippingEasy. It is recommended that you try purchasing a SmartPost label from your FedEx Shipment Manager to verify SmartPost is enabled for your account.

To get your account enabled for SmartPost and to obtain the correct Hub ID, contact your FedEx Account Manager.

Please note that the FedEx SmartPost Network page does not list all SmartPost Hub IDs - so please verify with FedEx Technical Support that you have the correct numeric Hub ID code.

What does "ERROR - Customer not eligible for the SmartPost indicia entered" mean?

FedEx offers three different SmartPost services: SmartPost, SmartPost Bound Printed Matter, and SmartPost Media. The error message indicates you chose a SmartPost service that is not enabled on your FedEx account. Contact your FedEx Account Manager to verify that your account has the selected SmartPost service enabled.

Can I create a multi-package SmartPost shipment?

No. FedEx does not support SmartPost multi-package shipments.

Can I use third party billing with FedEx?

Yes, you can enable third party billing on your FedEx shipments on the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more.

Does FedEx include any insurance coverage with SmartPost?

The FedEx SmartPost terms and conditions make it clear that FedEx provides coverage only while FedEx is in possession of the shipment. After FedEx hands off the shipment to USPS, there is no included insurance coverage.

Can I buy Shipsurance insurance for a FedEx SmartPost shipment?

Yes! You can select it on the READY TO SHIP page.

Does ShippingEasy support the SmartPost Returns service?

Yes. You can enable SmartPost Returns for your FedEx account by going to POSTAGE & CARRIERS > FedEx and clicking Manage Settings. Under the "Settings" section, check the box next to "Enable SmartPost Returns":

Can I send a SmartPost shipment to Puerto Rico or a US territory?

While FedEx does support sending SmartPost shipments to Puerto Rico and US territories, we do not have that support in place in ShippingEasy. We are interested in hearing whether having SmartPost shipments to Puerto Rico and US territories is important, so please get in touch if this is a priority for your business.


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