How to: Edit pre-shipment order weights

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For an order that came in with no weight or to change the weight of multiple orders, ShippingEasy offers options to edit weights for individual orders or for multiple orders at once.

TIP: rerun shipping rules to assign weights automatically from your Product Catalog, to pre-shipment orders with matching SKU's. Weight specific rules are not required. Learn more.

For single orders:

  1. Select the order you want to edit from the ORDERS page.


  2. Select the V menu on the far right of the order. 

  3. Select Edit Weight from the drop down menu.

For multiple orders with the same weight:

  1. Select the order(s) you want to edit on the ORDERS page.

  2. Select the More button on the top right of the orders.

  3. Select Edit Weights from the drop down menu.

FAVORITE TIP: Automate your weights!

For a faster, automated way of setting weights, ShippingEasy provides an easy-to-use feature called Shipping Rules. Learn more. The Estimated Order Weight Rule is best suited to orders whose weight is not provided by a store. Learn more.

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