How do I reconnect my BigCommerce Canvas (Single-Click install) store?

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ShippingEasy immediately integrates with BigCommerce through their Single-Click install feature on the BigCommerce Apps page. 

If your BigCommerce Canvas (Single-click Install) store becomes disconnected from ShippingEasy, first try to reconnect on the BigCommerce side.

You'll want to uninstall the ShippingEasy app from your BigCommerce account, then simply re-install it again.

To uninstall the ShippingEasy app from your BigCommerce account, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Apps icon in BigCommerce:

  2. Click the My Apps link:

  3. Find the entry for ShippingEasy and click its Uninstall link:


Find the steps for installing the ShippingEasy BigCommerce Single-Click app here.

NOTE: This will not close your ShippingEasy account. When you re-install to access ShippingEasy again, you'll be taken straight to the Orders page of your ShippingEasy account. 

Should you have difficulty re-installing, we recommend archiving your BigCommerce Canvas store on ShippingEasy and re-installing through the API.
To archive your BigCommerce Canvas store, in your ShippingEasy account go to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS >> Click the red "x" to the right of your store. Once the store is archived, click the blue "Add New" button to connect to your BigCommerce store through the API. Learn more.


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