Why can't I integrate my Magento store to ShippingEasy?

Double check these places if you're having issues integrating your Magento store to ShippingEasy.

Is your Magento site live?

In order for a store to both connect and sync orders, Magento cannot be in any kind of maintenance mode. If you are finding that your orders are not coming in or you are having trouble connecting to ShippingEasy, double check to make sure it is completely live.

If you use Magento v1.x, have you installed SOAP?

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol and includes XML and HTTP.   Learn more about SOAP and how to tell if it's loaded properly.

Is your store configured as a main domain?

ShippingEasy's Magento integration requires that your Magento store be configured using a main domain, not a sub-domain. Learn about integrating.

Is your URL slow loading?

The speed of the API is determined by the speed of the server in which the store is hosted on. If we have slow connection times to the API, its typically due to their slow server. Learn more.


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