How am I charged for insurance that I purchase through ShippingEasy?

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ShippingEasy provides discounted insurance through Shipsurance. Learn more about Shipsurance.

Insurance purchases are billed to the credit card saved to your ShippingEasy SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. Learn more about updating your billing information.

In order to limit the frequency of invoices, ShippingEasy will aggregate your Shipsurance purchases. Shipsurance purchases will be billed twice a week: early Wednesday and early Saturday.

Any insurance purchases made since the last billing window will be invoiced. For example:

  • If you purchase an insured label on Wednesday-Friday, you will see those charges on Saturday's bill.
  • If you purchase an insured label Saturday-Tuesday, you will see those charges on Wednesday's bill.

Check out our Shipsurance billing FAQs for more information.


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