When are my shipment confirmation emails sent?

Shipment confirmation emails provide your customers with easy access to the tracking number and delivery status of their order, vital to reinforcing your stores' credibility and professionalism.

Delivery Confirmation emails can be configured to automatically notify you and your customers that their order has been delivered. Learn how to send a delivery confirmation.

The timing of the shipment confirmation emails depends on whether or not you have post-dated the labels.

When labels are purchased on the Ship date

The shipment confirmation email is sent as soon as a label gets printed.

Click Buy Label on the READY TO SHIP page

or select the green Print button on the READY TO PRINT page.

When labels are post-dated with a future Ship date

The shipment confirmation email will be sent on the shipment date. The hour & minute are determined by the hour & minute of the day you printed your label.

For example: if you print a label on Monday at 5:02 pm and postdate it to ship on Tuesday, we will send the confirmation on Tuesday at 5:02 pm.


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