Split Orders | How To

An order containing multiple line items can be split to accommodate changes in stock, different shipping locations, or multiple packaging needs. ShippingEasy's Split Order tool allows you to divide a single-order or multiple-orders, in bulk, with a single click. 

When using the "Split Orders" tool, each order line item will break out into a new order on the ORDERS page. The quantities within any order item will remain unchanged.

To Split Orders by Line Items

  1. Locate one or more orders you would like to split. Check the box for all orders that need to be split.
  2. Click the More button and select Split Orders from the drop-down.
  3. ShippingEasy will separate the individual order items into new orders. The original quantities of each order item will not change. Each resulting order will have the same order number as the original order.
  4. If you need to separate any order items with multiple quantities further, you can use the "Split Order Items" tool.
    Learn more about splitting the quantity of a line item.

Have more questions about splitting orders? Check out the splitting orders guide.


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