How to: Split an order

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If you're ever unprepared to ship an item in a multi-item order on the ORDERS Page, you can always split the order and only ship the items that you're prepared to send. Splitting isn't only helpful, it's easy to do as well!

  1. From the ORDERS Page, click on the Multiple Items button on an order with more than one item. This will display a drop down menu with all of the items in the order.

    split order image 1.PNG

  2. To split an order you will need to check at least one of the boxes in this drop down menu and the check box on the line that contains the entire order. Make sure you take note of the orders that you are splitting so that you do not lose them in your orders page once you've successfully split the order.

    split order image 2.PNG

  3. After you've made the proper selections, head to the top of the ORDERS Page and click More >> "Split Orders" button.

    split orders dropdown.png

  4. This will split the order that you have selected and put the item(s) that you've selected into your orders page.

    split order image 3.PNG


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