CSV Order Uploads - Required Fields | Overview

When it comes to mapping your CSV columns to ShippingEasy, follow this simple guide for an explanation of each field. CSV files uploaded to ShippingEasy can have a maximum size of 3MB.

NOTE: Fields marked in red are required. First and Last Name are required if Full Name is not provided.


ShippingEasy Column
Column Definition
*Order Number

Order number/identifier

For orders with multiple line items or if a customers has ordered from your store more than once and you would like to combine these orders, you must set the Order Number to the same value.
This is the unique identifier that will allow us to 'merge' these two rows together upon upload.

Order date & time Date & Time that the order was created
Ensure dates are in US format MM/DD/YY
Order date Date that the order was created
Order time Time that the order was created
Status Order status within your eCommerce store
Order Total
Total amount paid by customer inc. tax
Requested service The specific service requested by customer
Shipping cost Shipping amount paid by customer
Custom 1 Additional custom data field
Custom 2 Additional custom data field
Custom 3 Additional custom data field
*Item name Name/Description of the items in the order
Item SKU SKU related to the items in the order
Item unit price Price of the items in the order
Item Quantity Quantity of items in the order
Item unit weight (oz)

Weight of the items in the order (oz)

Ensure your file has converted all weights to oz and uses whole numbers or decimals only

Warehouse Bin
Your location/identifier of the order within the warehouse
Importer Customs ID Available only on accounts that have Global Post Plus support.


ShippingEasy Column
Column Definition
*Full Name Full name of order recipient
First Name First name of order recipient
Last Name Last name of order recipient
*Address Line 1 Street address of the order destination
Address Line 2 Atl. Street address of the order destination
*City City of the order destination
*State/Province State or Province of the order destination (standard abbreviations are recommended)
* Zip code Zip code of the order destination
Country Country name for the order destination
Company Company name of order recipient
Email Email address of order recipient
Phone Phone number of order recipient
Notes Customer comment for the order
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