How to: Upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop integration

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NOTE: This article pertains to ShippingEasy’s QuickBooks integration software and is useful if you installed ShippingEasy's QuickBooks software before July 26, 2017.
Starting July 26, 2017, new QuickBooks integrations with ShippingEasy will be provided by our partner Webgility via their Unify software. To integrate QuickBooks with your ShippingEasy account, please provide your information to Webgility here and they’ll call you directly.

The ShippingEasy integration with QuickBooks desktop editions is a Windows application that you install.

After you have installed the integration, upgrading it to the latest version is easy.

  1. Close the integration program by selecting Exit from the menu:
  2. Restart the integration program by double-clicking the icon on your desktop:
  3. If a new version of the integration is available, it will be downloaded automatically.  A window will display (very briefly) during the download:

That's it - you're done!

The version number of the integration is always displayed on the main screen:


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